VESPA :: VEry Simple Photo Album :: Help

VeSPA aims at being the simplest way to put your pictures on a web gallery. You need a server with PHP, and that's all.

How to use VeSPA

  • Clic on a picture to view it full sized;
  • Clic on ::SLIDESHOW:: to view the images on a fullscreen slideshow;
  • Clic on ::BACK:: to go up one level of folders.

How to put photos

  • Connect with a FTP client to the server.
  • Simply organize the photos in the 'fotos' subfolder, the structure of the folders will be the structure of the album.

How to put videos

  • The best way : convert your video to the free OGG/Theora format, sized 320x240, named example.ogv then put it in any folder together with a snapshot named example.jpg. This kind of videos may then be played with any browser thanks to I Theora.
  • The simple way : put any mov, mp4, avi or mpg named file simply in any folder, VeSPA will provide a link to them.

How to comment photos

  1. VeSPA show automaticaly the ITPC comment and keywords. So you only need to edit it with your favorite photo organizer - digiKam?
  2. Another solution, simply create a text file (UTF-8 encoded) named as the photo, with the comments;
  3. Then put it in the same folder of the photo : for example.jpg it is example.txt.